Youth Ambassador and Head Filmmaker for project about empowering young people internationally to fight against future genocides, learning and reflecting from the past and creating a feature length documentary of video stories made by social media enthusiasts – like you, like me.


Partners with World Memory Film Project

World Memory Films’ partnership with ISESCO (Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) has allowed us the opportunity to take our project ”Exit Xenocide” to a new level. Events and collaborations both in Rabat and Paris, with the UN and specially UNESCO, World Memory Films has really reached out to empower all young people around the world.


Ambassador for ISESCO, partners with UNESCO.

I attended 8th UNESCO Youth Forum (Autumn 2013) promoting The World Memory Film Project with UNESCO, who are with partners ISESCO. This was a successful forum and caught the attention of various youth delegates, youth leaders, participants and organizers to get involved with WMFP.
WMFP has Adama Dieng, Special Advisor for UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon, as one of our greatest supporters.