Does travel make us wiser? Education vs Travel

For many youngsters, from primary education to high school, travel is important – a dream even. As a traveler from a young age I now question, which one prepares us better for this journey that is life, “the School of Curriculum or the School of Life?” With the rise of the Internet in the last decade, reaching information […]

What is Society?

As far as science has proved, we are all human beings. As humans we live through all kinds of experiences, all of which are different and unique in their own way. As individuals we have different approaches and behaviours in diverse situations, with variables such as origin, personal and environmental development, and the influence of […]

Gluten-free: diet trend vs. unwanted disease

A topic that has been vastly shared across all media platforms with the hashtag #glutenfree. Type it on google and you will find diets, recipes and all sorts of advice. What is this ‘gluten-free’ trend all about? The ‘gluten-free’ diet is often seen as a lifestyle of choice rather than an unwanted disease. If you […]